Monthly Archives: May 2017


We have been sketching factories, houses and shops in the style of LS Lowry. Everyone concentrated really well and tried very hard with their drawings. 



Today we visited another local church, Gospel Hall. The children discovered that the church building is very different to St Thomas’ church and have begun a piece of writing comparing them.  

Gospel Hall has a pool where people are baptised.

  The building doesn’t have decoration or stained glass windows. 
 The  map shows that there are missionaries around the world.



In our topic work about the local area, we have been finding out about L.S. Lowry.

We looked at some of his paintings and found the features that are common in his pictures, like matchstick figures, factories and lots of people. 



today we thought about the symbols that are used by the church. Some children made a 3D model of a church, showing the stained glass windows, others made their own symbol for something important to  


 them and others found information about Christian symbols.

What We Are Doing This Week (wb. 01.05.17)

This week in English, we will be continuing our topic of fantasy stories set in imaginary worlds. Last week, many of the children came up with their own stories. This week, they will have to use their imaginations to include given fantasy items.

In Maths, we will be working with fractions and applying our knowledge to answer real life questions and problems, especially problems involving capacity, weight and length.

In the afternoons, we will continue our topic on Liverpool. In ICT, we are going to build a Wikipedia page about St. Thomas’ church, so if you have any information about the church which could go on the page, please tell your child or send it into school with them.

Thank you to all the parents who keep on reading with their children. Please keep reading every night with your child and write in their planner that you have heard your child read.

Hope to see you all bright and early Monday morning. Year 4 are now in third place on the attendance league and I would like to be back at the top. See you all Tuesday, Mr Bradley.