Monthly Archives: February 2016

Week beginning 29th February 

Next week we are continuing to write our stories about Colombia.

In maths we are working on measures, especially time.

In topic, we are looking at why the Europeans wanted gold from Colombia and what the Muisca people made from their local resource.

Science at the High School on Tuesday and World Book Day on Thursday.

Testing soils

Today in science, we got to analyse three different soil types. We looked at them using a magnifying glass and we tested them using distilled water and indicator paper. One soil turned the paper green, one turned dark blue and the third turned orange. This showed that the soils were neutral, alkali and acidic.


Week beginning 8th February

Last week of this term, so it is assessment week. Children will be doing maths, reading, spelling and grammar assessments. The writing in their books will also be assessed.

In maths we will be solving problems using all four operations.

In English, we hope to complete the five scenes from our movie.

In topic we will be moving onto our RE work on Jesus’ Authority.