Monthly Archives: January 2016


As part of our science topics, we have been learning all about the properties of rocks and finding out where they can be found in our country. Today we have made mini volcanoes using baking powder and vinegar to see what happens when an acid and alkali meet. It had a very interesting result! 



Week beginning 25th January

Next week in English, the children are writing their play-scripts for our detectives to continue their adventure along the Amazon River.

In maths we are moving on to multiplication, practising formal methods and applying them to problems. 

In our topic work we will continue with our music and IT work to create a theme tune for our adventure. We will also investigate Sir Francis Drake and plan our Amazon survival guide.

Have a good week

Week beginning 11th January 

Next week we are starting our rocks and soils work in science and looking forward to seeing Miss Hillidge again.

In our topic on Colombia, we will be finding out more about Columbus and creating maps of Colombia.

In English we will continue with our adventure in Colombia, 500 years ago. 

In maths we are back to addition and subtraction.

Thank you