Monthly Archives: September 2015

Week beginning 28th September

We are going to be looking at why the Romans left Britain next week. Hopefully the children will also be ready to start their mosaic work too. 

In maths we are subtracting, specifically focussing on how to subtract in our heads and calculate mentally. 

In English we are starting our look at historical fiction, with stories set in Roman times. 

In science we will be making our own switches next week too. 

Week beginning 7th September

Next week is an exciting week.

We are going to Chester on Thursday  to look at the Deva museum and Discover more about how to be a Roman soldier and how the Romans lived in Britain 2000 years ago. This we will be following up in our topic lessons as well as working on our mosaics. 

The visit also ties in with the explanations we are going to be writing in our English lessons. 

In maths we are continuing with place value, looking at negative numbers and Roman numerals. 

We are also going to the High School to do PE on Wednesday. 

An exciting week in store