Monthly Archives: June 2015

Musical Treat!

Wigan Music Service came into school to show us a range of unusual instruments. Some were from the Tudor period, and some were from even further back than that.
They explained to us how many different instruments are available for children to learn. The instruments are free to hire, and lessons are much cheaper because of a special offer for our children!  


Musicians performing

Two different musicians came to perform for the children at St Thomas’. 

They had 2,000 instruments between them and used about 7 in their performance. 

They were joined by Ruby and Cameron who played the Viol, which was deeper than a violin but played like a cello. Cameron said he had never played an instrument like it before. Ruby said it was fun and she loved the tune.


St Thomas church

Y4 went to St Thomas’ Church today, looking at the different features of the church. They were also able to compare the two churches and looked at the artwork. A lovely day. 


Heath St Methodist Church

Y4 had a superb introduction to our Globorne week from Rob about how Golborne has changed over the years. The children particularly enjoyed spotting landmarks they knew and seeing our school 45 years ago. 

We also went to the Heath St Methodist Church to have a look at a different church in Golborne. The children were impressed with the modern look inside the church, when the outside was built in 1811. Shane came to play the organ for us and Decan Angela and the stewards made us very welcome. 


Visitors to Year 4

Yesterday Year 4 had the opportunity to interview two special visitors to the class. They had found a crime had recently been committed and they had the opportunity to ask questions to both the criminal and her former friend.