Monthly Archives: March 2015

Crimes investigated by Year 4.

The children on Tuesday came into class to find a crime scene and they were tasked with investigating what had happened. The children found that the crime was deforestation and it was being committed against the Amazon rainforest. They then used their detective skills to find out who was responsible.

Mike Grundy Assembly

Year 4 enjoyed the opportunity to listen to Mike Grundy, the Commonwealth Bronze medalist, in assembly this morning. Mike is a local, born in Wigan. Due to his perserverence he has competed all around the world and trained in Russia and the United States . Look out for details on our website on where to try out free-style wrestling. 

United Utilities visit

The children had a visitor from United Utilities this morning who taught the children about the water cycle. The children found out what happens to the water after they flush the toilet and also found out strategies they can use to save water. We had lots of fun and look forward to Jayne’s next visit.

World Book Day

The children look fantastic in their book character costumes. They also enjoyed an inspiring workshop with Lou Kuenzler and picked up some really good tips to improve their writing.

Active hope 2nd March

The children enjoyed orienteering on our last day with Active Hope coming to Year 4.

They also had fun with the adventure line where one partner was blindfolded. 

The children also showed great teamwork in the swamp challenge.

The awards this week went to:

Pathfinder – 

  • Lewis N
  • Eden 
  • Dylan
  • Hannah
  • Cameron

Teamwork –

  • Lewis B
  • Jessica 
  • Daisy
  • Matthew
  • Jake P

Star –

  • Dylan
  • Ruby